Tour de Terroir Comes to Dallas

Napa winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset of the The Boisset Collection not only owns some of the top wineries in Napa, but they also have an impressive list of wineries in France as well. On April 18th, their Tour de Terrior will come to Dallas, and four of their winemakers will educate members of the trade about their wines and domaines.

Joining Boisset Collection Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset will be winemakers Grégory Patriat of Jean-Claude Boisset in Nuits-Saint-Georges, Burgundy; Lucie Depuydt of J. Moreau & Fils in Chablis; Florent Georger of Mommessin and Château Pierreux in Beaujolais; and Jacques Haullar of Domaine Henri Maire in the Jura.

That evening consumers are invited to attend five distinct tastings at different locations - each will be hosted by one of the winemakers, and will be pouring their wines. Space is very limited, so if you are interested in attending, reserve your space quickly!

·         Roots & Water – Winemaker Grégory Patriat of Jean-Claude Boisset hosts at this private, exclusive wine room. For more information and reservations, contact AJ McClellan at

·         Mercat Bistro – Winemaker Lucie Depuydt of J. Moreau Chablis hosts at this contemporary bistro in Uptown Dallas. For more information and reservation contact Levi Deak at or 214.953.0917 

·         Haywire – Winemaker Florent Georger of Chateau de Pierrieux and Mommessin hosts at this upscale casual Dallas chic hot spot known for steaks and a roof top cigar lounge. For more information and reservations, contact Judd Frui at  

·         Lavendou Bistro – Winemaker Jacques Haullar of Henri Maire hosts at this eatery, which is thoroughly French, from the inviting decor to the gracious service and authentic cuisine. For more information and reservations, contact Pascal Cayet at or 214.215.0490.

·         Burgundy Swine  Export Director Neil Ruane and French Imports Director Dan Sobiech represent Domain de La Vougerie at this new neighborhood wine bar specializing in Burgundy, offering over 40 wines by the glass, fun flights and small bites. For more information and reservations, contact Azi Afeworki-Link at or 415.572.8763
Top critics’ praise for the 2017 Burgundy vintage:

“In some ways, the 2017s are ‘default’ wines. After the trials and tribulations of recent years, this season often reminds me what these multitudinous climats should taste like. As nearly every winemaker opined, 2017 is a vintage that distinguishes one vineyard and/or one terroir from another with satisfying clarity. The growing season did not leave such a heavy imprimatur upon the wines as others, including 2015 and 2016. Wines are governed more by the DNA of each vineyard and then sculpted by winemakers’ decisions.” –Neal Martin, Vinous

“The 2017 is a much more homogeneous and classical vintage than 2016… the wines display a generous, sun-kissed quality without attaining the extremes of ripeness, concentration and extract found in 2015.” –William Kelley, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

“A lovely vintage north to south: wines singing their heart out… The producers might well have been singing too, so happy were they to have returned to ‘normal’ yields, particularly after the terrible frost-created shortfalls of 2016. The phrase that came to my mind many times while I was tasting was ‘true to type’ for it’s a vintage that has produced fragrant, finely structured wines that are likely to be ready to drink earlier than the 2016s but have the balance and the depth to age well, certainly over the medium term.” – Julia Harding, MW,

Hoping that we see you there!

The Boisset Collection

If you have ever been fortunate enough to travel to Napa Valley and visit some of the beautiful wineries there, you've heard about wine clubs, and have been enticed to join one to get the benefits of your favorites.

On our last trip, we were fortunate enough to discover The Boisset Collection which includes Raymond Vineyards in Napa. They own 24 wineries in France as well as the US, so buying into each of their wine clubs would be expensive, but it was too hard to choose!

As luck (or good fortune!) would have it, we had the opportunity to meet Jean-Charles Boisset, president of this collection and he invited this Lifestylist to be an Ambassador for his collection! As part of that, we can offer an opportunity to join a wine club that gives you access to offerings from more than one of his wineries that are curated by Jean-Charles himself! It also lets you have complimentary tastings at their Estate Wineries and invitations to various tastings and dinners across the country.

You can sign up here to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! We can't wait to share all of the great wines that we have discovered through being a member of the club.

Wining My Way Through Napa

When I started this blog it was after the Napa fires, and I wanted to know what I could do to help. Winemakers said that the best thing I could do was to buy Napa wines, and to encourage people to still come and enjoy the wineries.

This week I have been having a great time visiting this beautiful area, and experiencing the best that Napa has to offer, and that's a lot! It makes so much more sense to me now that I have visited and experienced the valley - there is so much to see and do, even though it's a rainy, cold week in Napa.

They call this time of the year Cabernet season, because it's a great time to enjoy the bold tastes of a great Napa cabernet and to pair it with some warm, inviting comfort food.

It's been hard to choose which wineries to visit, but I started with Mondavi and I wasn't disappointed. I'm learning as I go, and now I know to ask for the wines that you can only buy at teh wineries, are they old vine grapes, and are the grapes grown there or some place else.

I'm looking forward to sharing what I have learned and tasted!

Buy Napa Wines

We were devastated to watch the fires that hit Napa and the surrounding areas this Fall. The loss of lives, homes, and a history that can never be replaced. We reached out to Rob Mondavi Jr during the fires and asked how we could help, and he had a very simple answer: Buy Napa Wines. By supporting the wineries that lost so much we can help them keep doing what they are best at: being artists that create some of the best wines in the world.

It should be an exciting journey to try wines that we haven't tried before, and we are excited to share our findings here. We are going to start by exploring the wines that have been winners at TEXSOM - a group that we volunteer with and have had the pleasure to meet and spend time with some of these wine makers.

Please join us in supporting this region and it's wine makers and let's help make a difference!